Author Topic: Carrying boxes for Britannia model  (Read 2257 times)

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Offline Jan Gillett

Carrying boxes for Britannia model
« on: May 13 2013 13:57 »
If, like me, any of you with a Kingscale Brit is wishing to take it somewhere but doesn't have the energy to make your own box, Chris Moody at has done a very good job for me. It is well thought through, about as small as it could be, so relatively light, and seems to do the required protection. He may take a bit of chasing, but it did turn up and was worth the wait.

Jan Gillett

Offline John Candy

Re: Carrying boxes for Britannia model
« Reply #1 on: May 13 2013 16:32 »
That reminds me, I have four boxes on order from Chris at of which I paid for in September 2010 ...... last time I contacted him (in August last year) he was rebuilding his workshop and promised the boxes in early October!!!

I now require an additional three boxes and am thinking it could be less hassle making my own.

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