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trackbed construction
« on: Jun 09 2014 20:15 »
I don't much care for railways on stilts, so build the ground level up to where I want it. I used at least 30 tonnes of recycled crushed concrete, £10 per tonne from my local recycling yard, to build up the level behind retaining "stone" walls and plant extensively around the track, so how do you get to seemingly inaccesible places to rerail and generally maintain the track: In my case you walk along it!

A plate compactor hired from the local builders merchant quickly consolidates the hardcore leaving a very firm base, but onto that I lay a concrete trackbed.  This I cast in situ , about 40mm thick, between 2 pieces of metal lawn edging, hammered carefully into the ground until gradient and camber are exactly what I want.. Once the bed has cured the edging can be removed and re-used to lay the next section after it had been straightened out - I use 10x1 metre lengths of edging so can lay about 5 metres of trackbed at a time - enough to be worth the hassle of using a mixer and cleaning it afterwards.

Simply screw and plug the rack unto the concrete bed, and add ballast (I use 2-5mm granite chippings glued down with PVA ) to cover the bed alongside the track and over the edges to ground level, typically 15mm below the trackbed level. It looks great, and you can safely walk on it for access.  Any slight irregularities i pack beneath the sleepers using plastic shims designed for window fitters, sold by builders merchants in mixed packs with 1,2,3,4,5 and 6 mm thickness.. They are about the right length for the sleepers and of course completely disappear under the ballast. Perfect platelaying can be yours!

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Re: trackbed construction
« Reply #1 on: Jun 09 2014 22:22 »
Very interesting article. May I suggest you expand this and add some photo's and submit the  Gauge '3' Newsletter. (Newsletter Editor Ian will probably ask the same thing!)

Ian the Gauge '3' Pirate..........who layout is on wooden leg(s)..naturally

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Re: trackbed construction
« Reply #2 on: Jun 10 2014 09:12 »
Yes badlydrawnroy (excellent name) - I would really appreciate an article for the G3 newsletter on what looks like a very interesting project. Can you please get in contact with me at ian (at) and perhaps we can discuss.