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  G3 Clubroom

Welcome to the G3 Clubroom. This is the friendly online forum where members share ideas and inspiration, suggestions and advice, modelling tips, pictures and drawings, and general chat about our fine hobby of Gauge 3 railway modelling. A warm welcome, and enjoy your visit here today.

In the Clubroom

Clubroom Chat
A place to say hello and natter about your Gauge 3 modelling.

Posts: 32
Topics: 6

Last post: Oct 05 2023 09:26 Re: Messages received fr... by MikeWilliams

Topical discussion about all things Gauge 3.

Posts: 2,480
Topics: 335

Last post: Jul 29 2022 09:41 Re: Gauge3 Forum by IanT

What's Missing in G3?
What 's still needed for Gauge 3 modelling?

Posts: 196
Topics: 24

Last post: Jul 11 2023 11:53 Re: Off the Track! by John Candy

In the Workshop : Questions, Answers and Help

Help Required
Hit a snag or could use some advice?

Posts: 1,623
Topics: 204

Last post: Dec 01 2023 18:45 Re: Marking out splasher... by IanT

Best Tool for the Job?
Questions concerning the purchase and use of specialised tools.

Posts: 286
Topics: 36

Last post: Oct 28 2023 15:40 Re: 3D software for desi... by IanT

Useful Tips
Share your solutions to awkward or unusual problems.

Posts: 93
Topics: 21

Last post: Oct 16 2022 21:49 Little Details.... by John Candy

Start a Project : Join a Project.
Initiate or join a group dedicated to producing a kit of a favourite item.

Posts: 579
Topics: 27

Last post: Nov 07 2017 17:11 Re: The Carriage Conundr... by classicdelights

Looking for a Supplier
Need help locating a supplier of that hard-to-find item?

Posts: 458
Topics: 66

Last post: Apr 29 2023 20:59 Re: Lost Wax Brass Casti... by MikeWilliams

Live Steam and Model Engineering

Live Steam
Discuss matters relating to the maintenance and performance of coal, gas and spirit-fired locos.

Posts: 851
Topics: 106

Last post: Nov 03 2023 19:06 401 aka Bagnall "new goo... by AshleyW

Live Steam Project 0-4-4 Tank
Discussion relating to the G3 Made Simple loco construction project.

Posts: 28
Topics: 1

Last post: Aug 15 2022 10:05 Re: Live Steam 0-4-4 Tan... by MikeWilliams

Internal Combustion Power for Model Locomotives
Discuss problems associated with powering locos using liquid fuel engines and the transmission/drive systems.

Posts: 42
Topics: 4

Last post: Mar 21 2014 00:02 Re: Main gearbox by Peaky 556

Battery Powered Locomotives
Discuss the performance and maintenance of battery locomotives.

Posts: 666
Topics: 51

Last post: Jul 26 2023 10:22 Re: Motor choice by Nick

Motive Power

Locomotives (steam outline)
A place to discuss modelling steam outline locomotives.

Posts: 504
Topics: 41

Last post: Nov 20 2023 11:31 Re: GWR Armstrong Class ... by 753

Locomotives (diesel & electric)
All about modelling diesel and electric outline locomotives.

Posts: 886
Topics: 38

Last post: Aug 03 2022 02:21 Re: Two Little Ducks by cabbage

Multiple Units, Railcars and Trams
A place to discuss modelling powered passenger vehicles.

Posts: 339
Topics: 14

Last post: Nov 17 2022 17:11 Re: Desire for a Streetc... by IanT

Rolling Stock

Carriages & NPCS
Discuss carriage design, construction and other related matters.

Posts: 767
Topics: 86

Last post: Nov 18 2023 21:20 Gone South(ern) for the ... by John Candy

Discuss matters relating to goods wagons.

Posts: 1,232
Topics: 132

Last post: Apr 14 2022 22:17 Re: Wagon axles, and whe... by cabbage

Track and Signals

Gauge 3 Wheel and Track Standards
Links to downloadable PDF files for track and rolling stock

Posts: 1
Topics: 1

Last post: Sep 20 2021 21:47 Track Standards by Doddy

Track Construction
The construction of pointwork and related matters.

Posts: 453
Topics: 61

Last post: Dec 21 2022 22:50 Bufferstops for sale by MikeWilliams

Signals & Signalling
Discuss matters relating to signalling.

Posts: 143
Topics: 7

Last post: Jun 25 2021 13:18 Re: Grrr sleepers.... by cabbage

Electrification & Control

Battery Power
Questions relating to the control of battery-powered locos.

Posts: 117
Topics: 11

Last post: Aug 29 2020 09:21 Re: Battery power by Jon Nazareth

Track power - DC and DCC
A place to discuss DC and DCC track power and control.

Posts: 0
Topics: 0

Radio Control
Discussion of r/c equipment and control problems.

Posts: 248
Topics: 26

Last post: Apr 12 2023 09:58 Re: ESU LokProgrammer by Doddy

3rd and 4th rail electrification
Discuss working model 3rd and 4th rail electrification.

Posts: 8
Topics: 1

Last post: Aug 12 2022 21:37 Re: 3rd and 4th rail tra... by John Candy

OHL electrification
A place to discuss working Overhead Line electrification.

Posts: 0
Topics: 0

Buildings, Structures and Scenery

Exchange views on suitable materials and available kits.

Posts: 260
Topics: 29

Last post: May 23 2023 05:29 Re: Strike up the Band! by John Candy

Bridges and Tunnels
Discuss construction methods relating to civil engineering in miniature.

Posts: 209
Topics: 12

Last post: May 17 2022 16:36 Re: Tunnelling by Peaky 556

Road Vehicles
Sources of G scale road vehicle models.

Posts: 121
Topics: 21

Last post: Oct 21 2022 11:36 Re: WW1 period from John... by Jon Nazareth

Market Place

New Products under Development
Advance notice of products for future release.

Posts: 110
Topics: 14

Last post: Apr 14 2022 10:44 Re: New Gauge 3 Motorise... by Clive_F

New Product Announcements
This where G3 Trade Suppliers list and announce products.

Posts: 40
Topics: 27

Last post: Oct 08 2021 09:51 Re: LMS Period 3 coaches by AshleyW

G3 Trader Discussion Group
Topics of interest to G3 traders in promoting sales and general product awareness

Posts: 35
Topics: 6

Last post: Apr 17 2022 10:20 Re: BARRETT STEAM MODELS by IanT

For Sale
List your items for sale : Remember that any personal details will be visible to everyone reading your message.

Posts: 492
Topics: 181

Last post: Nov 24 2023 18:51 Mike Pavie Merchant Navy... by AshleyW

Make an Offer
Make offer for items being listed for sale : Only registered Forum members can submit offers and offers will be visible to all Forum visitors.
Read terms on which individual items are offered.

Posts: 44
Topics: 11

Last post: May 31 2023 19:59 Re: King scale 14xx by hornbeam

Items Wanted
If you are looking for an item, post your request here.

Posts: 233
Topics: 68

Last post: Jun 04 2023 09:31 Re: grs track wanted by hornbeam

Seen for Sale on Ebay, etc.
G3 or 2.5 inch gauge items spotted for sale on Ebay and elsewhere.

Posts: 1,376
Topics: 458

Last post: Oct 26 2023 23:05 Peckett 0-4-0ST (from GR... by John Candy

Video and Other Media Links

Guide to Photographing G3 Models
Advice and suggestions to get the best from your photographs of G3 subjects, indoors and outside.

Posts: 12
Topics: 1

Last post: Jun 29 2020 10:31 Re: Ted Sadler's Guide t... by Chris_P


G3 Society Newsletter Editor News
A public access board where the Newsletter editor may share information.

Posts: 160
Topics: 24

Last post: Jun 19 2023 13:53 Re: Freddie Wrighton by Traininvain

Forthcoming Events
Announcement of Events

Posts: 9
Topics: 8

Last post: Sep 24 2023 14:22 Last CPR GTG of 2023 by cabbage

G3 Wiki Announcements, Questions and Comments

Matters relating to G3 Wiki Content
This board is solely for announcements, comments and questions relating to the G3 Wiki (which is hosted on Gauge3.info ).

Posts: 35
Topics: 5

Last post: Mar 04 2023 11:40 Gauge3.info (formerly th... by John Candy

Sub-BoardsG3 Made Simple

Forum Administration and Information

Please read
How to apply, Conditions of Membership, Rules and other info.

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Last post: May 30 2012 10:08 Forum etiquette, etc. by MikeWilliams

Privacy & Cookies
How we treat information you provide and the use of cookies.

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Last post: May 30 2012 08:46 The use of Cookies and P... by John Candy

Forum Administrator's Notices
Details of changes to the Forum and notice of maintenance work.

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Last post: Jul 28 2022 14:58 Re: Announcement : Chang... by Martin Wynne

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