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Re: The G3 Kingscale Britannia
« Reply #45 on: Apr 19 2016 08:31 »

As Tim says, I'm sure that a direct approach to Kingscale will give you the information you want regarding threads, etc.

The G3S produced a booklet "Guidelines for Running and Maintaining Coal fired Steam Locomotives" - available via the Society shop. I don't have a copy myself (not having any coal fired locos!) but others have recommended it, so you might find it useful.


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Re: The G3 Kingscale Britannia
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Hi Peter,

I don't own a Brit so cannot give you too much useful information on either thread sizes or potential 'connecting' points - but will offer a few thoughts if they are helpful.

For static running, I think you are correct to assume that most people seem to use the safety valve bush as a convenient attachment point for air (but be careful not to disturb the valve settings in doing so). You do not mention how you intend to run your engine (rolling road or suspended) and without knowing how the Brit is 'set-up' exactly - I think a rolling road would be preferable in my view.

You should also consider how you are going to get oil into the cylinders if you are running for any length of time. I assume the Brit has a displacement lubricator (Guys ?) and I suspect this may not function as intended when running on compressed air. My engines can run on air as my Atlantic has a 'splash' lubricator [not the best type in my view] and my Pacific chassis (now) has a pumped lubricator - so I'm afraid I cannot speak through direct experience of displacement but I suspect care will be required.


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Re: The G3 Kingscale Britannia
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Many thanks for your valuable advice.  I had asked the questions with Jon and he was passing them on to Mike, a couple of weeks ago.  Great service up till then!
I think a new batch of 14xx's got in the way and my email got buried. 
Their video on running the 5" 14xx was helpful, maybe they will do one for the G3's next.

Have built a rolling road and only want to use compressed air to see the beauty of the mechanics operating.
I am wondering if the tender pump water feed connection on the loco would be a way of pressurizing the boiler to run under air briefly?  Next step will be a full firing up.


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Re: The G3 Kingscale Britannia
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If the smokebox is clean (not steamed on coal) then you may be able to get oil into the cylinders by putting oil into the exhaust while turning the engine over.  You would need to to put the loco in foward gear and then turn the wheels in the reverse direction to suck it in :)

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Re: The G3 Kingscale Britannia
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Don't have a Britannia but thought I'd chuck a few thoughts into the mix.
Threads:- most likely M5 or M6 fine thread ie 0.5mm pitch.
Beware using safety valve for air connection! You are removing a safety device from the boiler, please ensure your air supply is controllable/has its own safety valve. Better still, remove the whistle valve instead and use that "way in".
Using the hand pump for pressurising the boiler is a bit of a non-starter, it would take hours (probably) and pump would be basically running dry.
The displacement lubricator will not work without steam (it relies on steam condensing to push oil up to the steam header in the smokebox). As suggested a drop of oil into the exhaust whilst turning the wheels backwards should be ok. I would use just a drop of light oil, the excess will be blown away anyway in the first few revs.
Hope this helps

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Re: The G3 Kingscale Britannia
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Thanks for the advice on lubrication.
Being my first live steam loco, I thought I could hook up a compressor (limited to 30-40 psi) to the water feed to the boiler using the hose connection under the cab.  Closing the by-pass of course.
Have built the rolling road.
This avoids messing with the safety valve fitting.

Hoping to raise interest in G3 out here in Florida!