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In order to update the forum software, the forum will be unavailable this evening.

It may be down for an hour or more, depending upon how well the work progresses.

Forum Administrator's Notices / Recent Malware Attack
« Last Post by John Candy on Today at 07:41 »
You should have received a circular email from me concerning a malware attack notified to me by the data centre which manages the server hosting this and a few other sites (including

They carried out a "sweep" of the server and one of the possible vulnerable points was identified as any "plugins" (i.e. modifications) to the forum software.

The only "plugin" applied has been the "Likes" button which I added few years ago in response to a request from a member.

The advice was to review the plugin and my examination of the system files has revealed an unauthorised access/modification on Christmas Day.

In view of the risk, I have now disabled/uninstalled that plugin, so that the "Like" button no longer appears.
There is no current alternative/updated plugin, so I can only suggest that anyone wishing to express their "Likes" should post a line or two.

Locomotives (diesel & electric) / Re: The Wonder engine
« Last Post by cabbage on Yesterday at 13:15 »
The "someday draw" had in it a pair of 16ohm speakers that I plan to use to provide the sound of the loco through. I am a fan of the "orange" brand of guitar amplifiers and even before they supplied isobaric speakers I was deeply in love with the Linn Isobarik DMS...

Hence an isobaric speaker system for the loco. These are 50x75mm ellipticals and will be mounted in a magnet in cone manner. The three methods are magnet in cone, cone to cone and magnet to magnet. However the most importand thing is that the isobaric chamber, (the sealed volume between the speakers), be as small as possible
 This makes the coupling between the two speakers as rigid as possible.

What are the advantages of an isobaric system other than to increase the income of the vendor(!) Well they can produce a deeper note than would be normally possible with that speaker and they are "faster" sounding.

Now back to Openscad to write the chamber program.


Locomotives (diesel & electric) / Re: The Wonder engine
« Last Post by cabbage on Jan 25 2022 11:49 »
The cab roof has been programmed and is now printing. This will take about six hours and there have to be two of them... I did debate on wether to design and programme the bogie sides, vacuum brake and battery boxes but instead I ordered them from Kippo. (Yes I know I am lazy).

After discussion on Sunday afternoon we decided that we would both use a 4.5Ah 12V SLA. This will sit between the bogies giving a good centre of mass. The 50mm dia wheel blanks have yet to be ordered, but that os not really a problem. As is my wont I have one motor per axle this will mean designing a motor clamp to be printed. I am planning on using the SME motor that is small and rugged. This will be fitted with a 12tmod1 spur to a 45tmod1 bull gear. Power fr the battery will be around 120Watts - so the Viper10 or Viper15 ESC would be a good fit, there will be a heat sink bonded to the back and a 40mm fan blowing through the roof. The R/C is going to be deltang rx102 (while they are still available!)

The steel angle for the framework/chassis is going to be 16mm sq x 3mm black rolled. It is cheap, drills and taps easily, and brazes neatly.

I am going to look through the sprues of "dress up" parts to get the rivits, nut ends etc that inhabit the bottom of the " will be useful someday " draw!!!


Buildings / Re: The silence of the cabinets.
« Last Post by John Candy on Jan 24 2022 19:19 »
On my line I have five stations, including a junction with 6 platforms and a large terminus, both of which could justify a bookstall and telephone booths.
Photos attached of the two largest stations (taken several years ago).

View from main terminus buffer stops (taken prior to the building of platforms).

View of main junction station from bridge.
Buildings / Re: The silence of the cabinets.
« Last Post by AshleyW on Jan 24 2022 17:25 »
or is it Van Morrison ??
Buildings / Re: The silence of the cabinets.
« Last Post by 753 on Jan 24 2022 17:20 »

Your recent posts are very interesting, are you building a main line terminus?

Buildings / What the eye doesn't see...............
« Last Post by John Candy on Jan 23 2022 19:46 »

I'm hoping my repaint has made him look more "Home Counties" than "Bible Belt"; less Harvard and more Harrow!
Locomotives (diesel & electric) / Re: The Wonder engine
« Last Post by cabbage on Jan 23 2022 16:03 »
The afternoons work.

The body is glued together and the frame "getting there".

Buildings / What the eye doesn't see...............
« Last Post by John Candy on Jan 23 2022 11:48 »
I needed a figure to occupy one of the four telephone booths on the station concourse.
After spending several wasted hours, searching online for a suitable G scale without finding anything suitable, I turned to my "junk" box.

Several years ago, I asked GRS to send me a selection of seated figures which were suitable for a British 1930's scene (intended passengers for my GWR diesel railcar). Their interpretation of that period and "British" is rather different to mine! I received about 80GBP worth of women in trousers, blokes in shorts with baseball caps, and other, obviously American and not pre-war, figures.... at least they were "seated"!

Nine (which could not  be easily adapted/disguised) were consigned to the junk box.
Well, the figure required for the phone booth would only be visible in part and one of the junk figures looked as though it may be passable for a "public schoolboy" wearing a straw "boater" (he is studying a book).  Phone booths have directories, so the book could be a directory and he is searching for a number.

He obviously needed to be standing, so his legs were cut off at seat level. After some trimming, reshaping, his straightened legs  were extended with wire and plastic tube and refixed to his torso. He needs some Isopon padding added to the new sections and a repaint.

He is not quite a Lowry "matchstick man" but his legs will be completely obscured once inside the booth.

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